Fun With Frosting!

Just a warning…Christmas is coming.

That means I’m about to get in the cookie baking ZONE!

I need (yes, need) to make all of the cookies we make every year.

You know..Grandma’s cookies.

From recipes that made their way over here from Italy back in the day.

They. Are. Amazing.

Also…some of them are kind of complicated.

Which is cool and all…

But let’s face it…sometimes all you have time for is a box of cake mix and a jar of frosting.

And sometimes all you have in your pantry is yellow cake mix and buttercream frosting.

Never fear!

It doesn’t have to take all day or cost a fortune to make something that’s not quite so….


With just a quick stir you can make this:

into this:

Pssst…cake stand close up! Hilarious.  Mom has the best stuff.

She's got the right idea...

All you have to do is mix some stuff into that frosting and wham bam thank you ma’am…

suddenly you’re creative and clever and someone feels special.

I did six different ones to show you but really…the possibilities are endless.


So simple.

So awesome.

Just stir in whatever ingredient you choose!

Some notes:

  • A little something crunchy is usually a welcome touch.  Pretzels? Pecans? CANDY CANE!? WITH CHOCOLATE!? Hello, delicious seasonal treat.
  • Anything liquid turns the frosting into a glaze…don’t freak out…just stab your cupcake/sheet cake/whatevershape cake you made with a toothpick or a fork or something so the glaze can seep in
  • The peanut butter pretzel cupcake got especially enthusiastic reviews…try it
  • If you have chocolate chips or something you can just set them on the cupcake as soon as they come out of the oven and they’ll melt enough to spread.  Kisses are too big to do that I learned……

Luckily, a microwave will melt that kiss just fine.

Crisis averted.

Go crazy! Play with flavors! So many possibilities! Tell me what you do!

Also, have a fantastic day.

Oh…and eat a cupcake.

❤ Ellen



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3 responses to “Fun With Frosting!

  1. Love all the flavors! Please bring me one of these to work!

    Never mind… Don’t.

    But I’ll love every bite if you do!

  2. Anna

    Erika and I are making these for our Christmas party 🙂

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