A Pause.

To say thanks.

For all the little things…and some big ones too.

I am thankful for 100 year old bowls…this one holding apples for the millionth time in its life.

I’m thankful for the longest sleepy baby sister I ever did see

I’m thankful for an apparently amazing nap couch.  Also that guy doing the napping.

I’m thankful for a pretty kitty at the door

And the view behind him

I’m thankful for brother bear.  Who clearly thinks I’m awesome.

I’m thankful for this day and the friends and family that made it wonderful.

I’m thankful for a feast that got gobbled up way too quickly to be photographed.

I’m thankful that I have too many things that I’m thankful for to list here one by one.

And just so you know…

I’m thankful for you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you had a fantastic day and too many blessings to count.



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2 responses to “A Pause.

  1. Mary Sprague

    I did get one of the cookies—delish. It is hard to get a soft one and Grandpa loves his that way. I.too, have too many blessings to get them on a page. I think you know that the top of my blessing list is my Bud, then Mary Ellen —so special and then her familyl who makes us all thankful. I am so lucky to be granted the grace of days to knows my special, A+,interesting, handsome and pretty and all around nice people. What a nice Thanksgiving–now I wish I had given you the jacket!!!! Oh yes I did get a little chat in with Daniel—fine fellow.l love you-Gma

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