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Taco (or whatever) Seasoning-Make your own!

Seriously, friends, those little taco/fajita/whatever seasoning packets are such a waste of money.

Also they kind of taste like…I don’t know…preservatives?

I get it.  They’re easy and convenient. Fine.

But pretend you want a taco.


((It happens. Don’t act like it doesn’t.))

Now pretend you have everything you need EXCEPT the darn packet that makes it a taco.

(Because the vast majority of foods could become a taco when placed in a tortilla, ((which you can make at home anyway)) this happens often)

Should you run to the store, pay more in gas than the packet costs, wait in line, wait in traffic wait wait wait wait wait


Make your own and have tacos now.

I choose the second one. Always.  Because those little packets are gross. Also, I’m impatient when I’m hungry.

The same rule applies, maybe even more, for sudden fajita cravings.

Plus I have all the seasonings that go in taco seasoning in my pantry right now.  They don’t have to be mystery ingredients. They aren’t difficult to find.  They’re spices for delicious real life. Get with me here.

All you need is: [love] and…

Now, I’m calling this taco seasoning because that was its original purpose but let’s get real here…

it goes on anything.

Sprinkle it on things you’re gonna roast, toast, saute, scramble, slow cook, soup or sandwich and anything else you can think of.  It tastes just as delicious on vegetables or beans as it would on meat.

Maybe keep it away from ice cream, though.

If you throw together a bunch of it and keep it in a little jar/tupperware container/plastic baggie (I don’t care) you’ll save a step and some brain power when dinner time sneaks up on you.

Seasoning dinner doesn’t take long but this way you don’t have to think about it and that’s just one delicious container you need to reach for.

I know they already did this “blend of spices in one container” thing.  But do it yourself and it’s cheaper, tastier and gives things a vague Mexican flavor.  What’s not to love?

This isn’t really a recipe.  More like an idea. You’re allowed to change the spices and proportions to suit your needs and tastes.

In fact, please do.

I would be lying if I told you I followed the measurements I listed in the recipe every time…they’re close enough, though.  Basically it’s just nice to have a favorite blend of spices on hand.

  So uh…try it and stuff.  Bet you’ll like it better than a foil envelope.


❤ Ellen

p.s. homemade ketchup coming up next. DIY FTW!

Seasoning Blend for Tacos…and so much more!

I’m giving you the guide I used…it’s a great base to adjust to taste!

1 tablespoon chili powder
1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
1/4 teaspoon onion powder
1/4 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes
1/4 teaspoon dried oregano
1/2 teaspoon paprika1 1/2 HEAPING teaspoons ground cumin
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon black pepper

Mix it all together (and you feel better).

….lime and coconut? anyone

((3 tablespoons to a packet))

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Problem Solving


I just learned a thing.

I’m going to show you because it’s such a simple solution to a problem I have that I feel pretty dumb for not thinking of it before now.

See these guys?

Love ’em.

Just you know…not ALL of them.

I use one or MAYBE two and then the rest just sit in the fridge and rot.

What a waste!!

It never fails.

I guess I could just plan ahead and put them in the rest of the week’s meals but

1. I don’t use them in many dishes

2. I am just not willing to plan meals around a green onion. Sorry.


Cut. Freeze.


So simple it’s stupid.

Maybe everyone else thought of that already but I figured I’d throw a bone to those of us trailing behind.

((P.S. I’m into freezing things lately.))

Freezers are life’s pause buttons.

So throw some onions or chili or Great Harvest bread or something in a freezer and then later…pick right up where the delicious left off!


❤ Ellen


  • Make sure your onions are dry dry dry as a bone before you freeze them!
  • Once they’re frozen they’ll be softer than they are when they’re fresh so it’s best to cook them (helloooo stir fry!)
  • A plastic water bottle would make a handy dispenser!
  • Use scissors to cut into bits! Easier than a knife =)

I saw this on the most addictive website ever created. Thank youuuuu pinterest! It took me to this blog which you should check out to read more about freezing things like green onions/fresh herbs (!!)


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A Pause.

To say thanks.

For all the little things…and some big ones too.

I am thankful for 100 year old bowls…this one holding apples for the millionth time in its life.

I’m thankful for the longest sleepy baby sister I ever did see

I’m thankful for an apparently amazing nap couch.  Also that guy doing the napping.

I’m thankful for a pretty kitty at the door

And the view behind him

I’m thankful for brother bear.  Who clearly thinks I’m awesome.

I’m thankful for this day and the friends and family that made it wonderful.

I’m thankful for a feast that got gobbled up way too quickly to be photographed.

I’m thankful that I have too many things that I’m thankful for to list here one by one.

And just so you know…

I’m thankful for you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you had a fantastic day and too many blessings to count.


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