Problem Solving


I just learned a thing.

I’m going to show you because it’s such a simple solution to a problem I have that I feel pretty dumb for not thinking of it before now.

See these guys?

Love ’em.

Just you know…not ALL of them.

I use one or MAYBE two and then the rest just sit in the fridge and rot.

What a waste!!

It never fails.

I guess I could just plan ahead and put them in the rest of the week’s meals but

1. I don’t use them in many dishes

2. I am just not willing to plan meals around a green onion. Sorry.


Cut. Freeze.


So simple it’s stupid.

Maybe everyone else thought of that already but I figured I’d throw a bone to those of us trailing behind.

((P.S. I’m into freezing things lately.))

Freezers are life’s pause buttons.

So throw some onions or chili or Great Harvest bread or something in a freezer and then later…pick right up where the delicious left off!


❤ Ellen


  • Make sure your onions are dry dry dry as a bone before you freeze them!
  • Once they’re frozen they’ll be softer than they are when they’re fresh so it’s best to cook them (helloooo stir fry!)
  • A plastic water bottle would make a handy dispenser!
  • Use scissors to cut into bits! Easier than a knife =)

I saw this on the most addictive website ever created. Thank youuuuu pinterest! It took me to this blog which you should check out to read more about freezing things like green onions/fresh herbs (!!)



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6 responses to “Problem Solving

  1. Lois

    “Cut n Freeze” works for regular onions too, and for grated cheese…it’s like paying it forward for kitchen prep 🙂

  2. Claudia
    you can keep regrowing your scallions too! yay for saving money and keeping them fresh!

  3. No, no, no, no, no. Never.

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