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Dill Pickles

I’m having another “what the heck took me so long to try this!?” moment.

Dill pickles.

(Did you just cringe a little?  It’s cool. You either love ’em or you hate ’em.)

((I’m pretty firmly in the love ’em camp.))

I have wanted to try pickling for a while.  When I stumbled across this recipe at Annie’s Eats I was struck by just how ridiculously simple the whole thing is.  Seriously…what was taking me so long, anyway?  I’m so glad I finally got to it.

Lately, I’ve been noticing that a lot of foods make me think of certain people.  This is another food that makes me think of grandpa.   Grandpa foods are rice pudding, tall glasses of milk, buttered toast and dill pickles.  Grandma is applesauce and iced tea.

Daniel foods are tacos and banana bread.

Jordan foods are turkey sandwiches and wheat thins but only if eaten at 6 30 in the morning.

Lauren food is Chipotle.  Stephen food is macaroni and cheese.

Mom foods are iced tea, junior mints and chicken sandwiches.  Papa gets tuna steaks, hot sausage and oranges (just hopefully not all at the same time).

They aren’t necessarily their favorite foods.  They’re just foods that will always and forever bring that person to my mind.

Sorry for the tangent…it’s just a thing I’ve taken note of recently.  It’s interesting to me how intimately linked food can be to memories, experiences, people.  I enjoy it and appreciate it.  Thought I’d share.

For what it’s worth…I bet Ellen foods are peanut butter and chocolate.

But for now we’re makin’ pickles.

So easy it almost hurts that I haven’t done it yet.

I’m rockin’ some fresh dill, garlic, black peppercorns, in a brine of white vinegar, salt and water over some classic cucumber spears.

But please…play around with it!  Apple cider vinegar! Sugar for sweet pickles! Different herbs! Different spices! Cayenne pepper for hot pickles!  Different veggies in the brine!

Let me know if you have a good combo.  I’ll play too…and I’ll share any good ones here =)


(the food and whatever else it brings)

❤ Ellen

Dill Pickles

I followed the recipe for dill pickles on the blog Annie’s Eats.  Check her out…she has so many great recipes and this one is no different. I added a handful of peppercorns but otherwise I did the exact same thing.  ((Note: They’re pretty salty.  Don’t be afraid to reduce the salt a bit))


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