“Grilled” Corn Salad

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Who’s grilling!? Not me.  I don’t own a grill.

I DO, however, have a gas stove which makes this grill-less life a little sweeter….because I can fake it.


Guys! Corn is back!  It’s sweet.  It’s juicy.  It’s dirt cheap.  I’m all over it.


Honestly, I love corn best raw, cut straight off the cob, vibrant and sweet in all its juicy glory.


But hey, it’s a holiday weekend.  Let’s take things up a notch.


See what I did there? Who needs a grill!


Look at that char!


Tastes like summer.


Now let’s make salad.


This is a simple, sturdy salad for a (hopefully) sunny barbecue.


The char on the corn steals the show.  You really don’t need much else..


just a few fresh bites.

pepper pepcut peptoss

There’s no lettuce involved to get wilty and sad.

tomato tomtoss

Just some bright summer produce at it’s finest.


That’s all you really need.  Don’t mess with it too much.  Some salt and pepper, a touch of olive oil and a squeeze of lime or balsamic vinegar will finish it off perfectly.

You could add walnuts or sunflower seeds or basil or cilantro or feta or goat cheese or avocado or anything, really.

(erm…not all at once)

I leave it at this.  Whatever you do, make sure you let that corn shine.



❤ Ellen


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4 responses to ““Grilled” Corn Salad

  1. Maria

    Looks good! I hope we get some sun this weekend. I hope you’re feeling better – we miss you! 🙂

  2. Ah, summer simplicity for us grill-less souls. Well played!

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