Mango With a Kick

My mother’s eternal refrain: “eat some fruit” has become kind of a joke in my family. Don’t you know fruit cures all ills!?

“It puts roses in your cheeks!”

We laugh, now, but it really stuck with me.  I default to fruit when I need to bring something to share, nothing makes me happier than a juicy red watermelon and my only dinner request when visiting my parents? Fruit salad.

(Mom makes the best.  She just has that special mom-ish touch I guess.)

I don’t often bother to meddle with fruit, especially this time of year.  It’s perfect just the way it is…no preparation necessary.

At its best, fruit makes an awesome dessert by itself…but sometimes it’s fun to dress up a little.

I know I’m about to ask a terrible thing to ask of you.  Who wants to go near the oven on a 105 degree day?

(Side note: I definitely baked a cake on the hottest day of the year so far, but I’m some kind of freak…also an idiot).

((It was worth it…I’ll show you soon))

Fear not, this treat only requires a quick stop under the broiler.

(If you have a grill, do not underestimate the deliciousness of grilled fruit.  Smoky sweet and a little char?  Yes, please.)

((No grill for this girl.  So…I improvise!))

I wish I had a grill, but this is a nice alternative.  The broiler caramelizes sugars and brings out the natural sweetness of the mango.  Don’t fight it…heat is your friend!

Lime and red pepper kick you in the pants to keep things interesting…

A touch of honey stops the whole thing from getting out of control.

It’s a symphony, you see.  All ingredients are necessary…skip none!

((Ok, MAYBE you could skip the crushed red but ONLY if you’re completely against anything even a tiny bit spicy.  If you’re just skeptical…give it a shot.))

They look like little fruity french fries but it’s a completely different experience.  You’ll get a little crunch, a little kick and then a burst of fruit juice that puts gushers to shame.

With a little extra honey on the side?  We’re calling this dessert so you’re allowed.

Simple, quick, fresh, delicious.

(Minimal cooking)

Oh happy day!


❤ Ellen

P.S.  Hello from our new apartment!  We moved. It was hot.  Camera chargers were lost.  Toes were stubbed.  Patience was tried.  Camera chargers were saved from endless piles of boxes.  Then, endless piles of boxes disappeared!(Miracle!?)  I’m back in a functional kitchen with a functional camera and I’m full of ideas…get ready!!

Broiled Honey Lime Mangoes

Not really a recipe, just an idea.

You need:

Some mango

Some fresh squeezed lime juice

Some honey

and a sprinkle of crushed red pepper

1.  To get the wedges pictured:  peel the mango (knife or veggie peeler-whichever is your weapon of choice).  You’ll notice it is shaped like a slightly flattened sphere or, I guess, kind of like an egg.  The seed inside is huge and roughly the same shape.  Strategic slicing is necessary.  Stand it up on a slightly pointy end and slice off each of the flat faces.  Lay the two large slices flat side down and slice vertically to get wedges.

2. Toss the mango slices with the juice from a real lime (trust) until they are evenly coated.  I use about a half a lime per medium sized mango.

3. Arrange the slices on a baking sheet, leaving room between each slice.  Drizzle with honey (enough to get that great glaze but don’t get carried away…the mango is the main show here).  I would estimate a tablespoon per mango.

4.  Place the sheet under the broiler and watch! Remove when the slices reach your desired level of char.  I used to stop as soon as I started to see brown spots…these days I tend to take it a little further.  I love a good crunch.

5.  Sprinkle with JUST A PINCH of crushed red pepper and serve immediately (it doesn’t keep and is absolutely best warm).  Additional honey and lime optional.  Enjoy!


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  1. Rhapsody

    I probably overdose on fruit! This looks great, and thanks for the idea of how to get the flesh from the mango– never used a peeler before!

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