Banana: The renaissance fruit.

Ok,ok.  I’ll play along.

This little trick has been everyyyywhherrree lately and I finally gave it a try.

I was suspicious at first.  It sounds gross and impossible.

Then…these little guys got me thinking it could work.

It’s chocolate soft serve!

It’s Fro’ Yo’!

Nope….it’s a banana.


((My brother is the only one who will get that))

(((Hint for the rest of you: Rugrats.)))

That’s right! That glob of creamy chocolate deliciousness is just a banana!

Frozen and blended.

Is there NOTHING a banana can’t do!?

I’m glad I tried it.  I really enjoyed it.  It definitely has the texture of soft serve ice cream and it will be AWESOME this summer!

[[Warning: At least the way I made it, (with no sugar and just the slightest touch of chocolate)…you can tell it’s a banana.  I don’t want you to get too excited thinking it tastes EXACTLY like your favorite Dairy Queen concoction.  It definitely tasted like a banana.  As a banana lover, I kinda liked that.]]


I bet if I added some sugar or more chocolate or some other add in…those flavors would overpower the banana flavor.

So…don’t write it off.  It’s completely worth a shot.

I scream, you scream we all scream for…bananas?

Ok, so we’ll have to write another song.


❤ Ellen

Banana Soft Serve

Not really a recipe, more like an idea. If you have ever been on pinterest I promise you’ve seen this before.

1 banana (for one person)
About a tablespoon of the chocolate sauce from this recipe

1. Peel a banana and wrap it well. I would recommend using two Ziploc bags. Place in the freezer overnight or until completely frozen through

2.  Break into chunks and blend in a blender (or food processor) until it resembles the texture of soft serve ice cream.

3.  Add the chocolate (or peanut butter or cinnamon or whatever flavor you want!) and give it a pulse or two to combine.

If you want mix-ins like chocolate chips,  remove the soft serve from the blender and stir those in with a spoon.

Enjoy immediately or stick it back in the freezer for later!


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