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Seedy Business


Here’s a cool thing.

Roasted butternut squash seeds.

Chillin’ on my windowsill next to my shamrock.

Or at least they used to be…

until Daniel discovered them.


Dry them.

Toss them with olive oil and whatever seasoning you like.

I used salt and just a bit of brown sugar.

Cayenne would be AWESOME.

Whatever floats your boat.

Spread them on a cookie sheet and toast them in a 250 degree oven for maybe 20 minutes I’m not sure.

Until they get brownish and the sugar gets caramelized

Best snack ever.

Or throw them in a salad with some roasted butternut squash cubes.

And the last leftover bite from your butternut squash stuffing.

Are you sick of butternut squash yet?

But it’s so delicious!!

Don’t worry…I’ll move on.

I hope you had a lovely Monday.


❤ Ellen


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Fancy Pants Green Beans

I decided something today.

The only difference between you and a fancy pants culinary school graduate is that you might not know fancy pants culinary school names for things.

We have been watching the show “Chopped” a lot lately.

It has made me realize that some of the food I make is the same as the food they make…except they call it a fancy pants name.

Pretty much…turns out I have very, very fancy pants.

And so, friends, I give you: Fancy Pants Green Beans

AKA: Green Beans Almondine

Guess what it is?

Green beans with almonds.

Hey….I said fancy pants not creative pants.

I like this combo a lot.  It has color, it has crunch, it feels like something special…and all I did was throw in some almonds.

This time, though, I got a little out of control.

I made green beans almondine…WITH MUSHROOMS!


Crazy talk, I know.

Seriously, sometimes it’s so ridiculous how easy it is to feel fancy.

This took all of 5 minutes.

Shall we?

Pinkies out!

First let’s blanch some green beans.

Don’t freak out about the word “blanch.”

All I want you to do is boil them for like 2-3 minutes…just a bit.

Then put them in ice cold water to stop the cooking process and keep that bright green color and crispy crunch.

While they’re chillin in their ice bath…


…grab your shrooms.

Season these guys with the standard saltnpepper plus maybe a little garlic powder.

I said A LITTLE garlic.  The mushrooms really absorb whatever flavor you put on them.


They add a rich, meaty element that make this feel almost like a meal by itself.

Don’t forget your onions because onions go in everything.

Saute ’em up until they are no longer raw and super rank-breath-inducing

Everybody goes into a pan to hang out for a while, finish cooking, and absorb flavors.

Now for your (apparently) fancy pants final touch!

Throw some slivered almonds in a dry pan to toast them and bring out they’re almondy flavor.

(Almondy…definitely a word)


This is not a good time to check your e-mail or whatever.

They’re finished when you can smell them and it doesn’t take long!

Toss everybody together!

Serve in a beautiful bowl your boyfriend made.

And done. Fancy pants green beans.

Go impress the pants off somebody.

❤ Ellen


Speaking of fancy pants!

Check out the fancy pants new banner! One of the most talented people I know created it…thanks, Sabrina!

This site is under construction…expect some changes soon!

As always, thank you for reading my words. You’re the best!

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